Tim’s Growing Update – Beginning of March 2014

“No work today – wet again!”
This has been the recurring theme in my diary this year so far at Dry Arch. Work may have been limited outside but, undercover, we are well ahead. The salad leaves have been flowing out of the polytunnel – now regularly contributing to members’ weekly boxes and the odd handful taken by volunteers.

This year we intend to increase our output of homegrown produce at Dry Arch. The next two months will be crucial. Land has to be prepared for sowing and planting. Pre-grown seedlings need to be pricked out, potted up, hardened off and planted out in April/May.

If you’d like to join the landworkers now is the time to come along.

There are garden work sessions on:
WED 9.30 to 12.30
THURS 10 to 12noon (Harvesting)
1.30 to 4.30pm
FRI 9.30 to 12.30
SUN 11am to dusk

In March soil prep is the top priority. Once the soil warms up, towards the end of the month, sowing outside will commence. Undercover we’ll be taking care of our seedlings and sowing the half-hardy summer crops – sweetcorn,courgette, squash, tomato, climbing beans.

On the construction front the ‘new’ polytunnels are awaiting ‘skins’; the foundations for the insulated, and ratproof, storeroom need to be laid; two aluminium greenhouses need to be erected; and the multi-purpose workshop, presently at planning stage, will need to be constructed. So there is plenty to do.

February work completed:
Wind damage repairs to sheds and glasshouse
Bridgebuilding over our new stream
Sowing early seeds in containers
Soil prep on raised beds
Compost purchased and stored
Paving laid in small glasshouse
Pathways mulched

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