Share the work – share the harvest: One chapter ends and a new one begins.

Six years after setting up our weekly vegetable box scheme the co-operative has taken the decision to plough a slightly different course (if you will excuse the pun). In March this year we began the process of launching a changed operating model based upon the concept of a “community allotment”.

The new scheme is squarely aimed at people who maybe
• want a regular supply of vegetables throughout the growing season
• would like to share the sowing, growing and harvesting of produce with like- minded people
• enjoy working and learning with others and like the idea of sharing responsibility, successes and occasional frustrations
• are new to growing veg or want to get started but don’t want to take on sole responsibility for an allotment

Anyone joining the co-operative (£36 per year) now has an option to also participate in the community allotment scheme for an additional annual payment of £100 and a commitment of time in growing and associated tasks. In return you can expect to harvest a share of vegetables every week when produce is available. We would ask you to commit an average of 10-20 hours per month spread over the peak growing season (March-end October) and an average of 5-10 hours per month November to end February. The time commitment can be shared amongst your friends or household but at least one of you must be a full member of the co-operative.

We already have a core group of members participating and as we recruit more and more participants we expect year on year to be able to reduce both the cost and the time commitment required of each member.

Our prime work day will continue to be Sundays from 11am to 3.30pm with several members often on-site on Thursday mornings as well. Of course, once you are a member you can put your hours of work in at other times as well to suit your own circumstances. We also will have people popping in at other times when we need to water and open / close our extensive and very productive poly-tunnels.

If this is something that sounds appealing then please call in on a Sunday to look around and speak to some of our members.

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