We’re Still Here!!

Well, it may be an awfully long time since we added anything to our blog but we’ve not gone away. In fact, in the current membership year, we’ve had more members than we ever had during the peak of our veg box operation!

Our community allotment scheme has certainly been a benefit to many of us during those difficult days of Covid lockdowns we’ve been able to grow our normal extensive range of vegetables while keeping everyone safe and ensuring that all too important (socially distanced) interaction that a community group needs.

There have been a few developments in the two years since our last post – not least that we now share the Dry Arch site with another tenant in the shape of Middle Ground Growers who have taken up the challenge of running a veg box scheme and making a living at the same time.

One of our landlords has also started willow cultivation on another part of the site and More Trees for BANES has become a member of Bathampton Community Co-operative so that we can allow them to make use of our tree nursery to bring on saplings before they are planted out all around BANES.

We’ve also got pigs on-site at the moment run by Dan Smith and other members of the co-operative on an area we relinquished when we set up the community allotment scheme and under a separate agreement with the landlords.

We’ve welcomed lots of interesting new members in the last two years and with plenty of land to cultivate we’re more than happy to expand membership even further to people who are able to commit the time on a regular basis. We’ve certainly found that having people coming along to a few sessions before making the commitment to join really helps people understand what being a “community grower” entails and what you can get out of it.

Please take a look elsewhere on this website for details of the community allotment scheme. If it’s something of which you think you’d like to be a part then do get in touch to arrange some “taster sessions”.

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