Community Allotment

This scheme is open to all members of the co-operative.

For an additional annual payment of £100 and a commitment of time in growing and associated tasks you can join the Community Allotment group.

In return you can expect to harvest a share of vegetables every week when produce is available.

We ask you to commit an average of 10-20 hours per month during the peak growing season (March-end October) and an average of 5-10 hours per month November to end February. The time commitment can be shared amongst your friends or household but at least one of you must be a full member of the co-operative.

The essence of this scheme is that rather than work an allotment on your own, we work together as a team, and share the produce as a team. Share the work and share the harvest.

Take a read of the answers to the questions below and if you think this might be for you then come and visit us at Dry Arch. If you’ve already visited and know you want to be a part of this then contact us at

How it works – your questions answered.

What if I know nothing about gardening and horticulture?

  • Lots of us didn’t before we joined Dry Arch! This is a great opportunity to learn from others.

Will the work be too strenuous for me?

  • It doesn’t have to be! Amongst other things we need to water, open / close poly-tunnels, plant seeds in pots and pick things! It’s not all digging!

When do I have to be on site?

  • When it suits you. Our main group work day is Sunday 11am to 3.30pm with some members usually around Thursdays 10am to 1pm.
  • During the summer we operate a watering rota for the poly-tunnels throughout the week.
  • Any member can work at any time.

What if I go holiday or can’t be on-site every week?

  • That’s the beauty of the scheme. It means that because we are sharing the work we can keep everything under control between us. If one of us is away for a weekend, a week or a month it shouldn’t matter – it’s all about trying to keep to an average over the year.

Do I have to record the time I spend?

  • No but we will ask you to record in the cabin what work you’ve done though so we all know what’s been done and what needs to be done.

How do you decide what to grow and the work that needs to be done?

  • The Community Allotment team will determine and agree crops to be grown and weekly work priorities.

 How do you decide what produce to take? How much produce can I have?

  • We’ll decide each week what is ready to harvest. The amount of produce taken by participants will not be prescribed but will operate under a principle of trust that produce is only taken for that household’s use.

 Do you grow anything for sale?

  • Where a surplus of produce is available then this will be made available for sale at the site gate/shed usually on Sunday mornings.

What is the £100 for?

  • This funds seeds, compost and other consumables / running costs directly associated with growing vegetables as well as our rent.

When can I join?

  • The membership year of the co-operative and the community allotment scheme runs from 1st April to 31st March of the following year but you can join at any time.

Is the cost reduced if I join part way through the membership year?

  • We reduce the cost of co-operative membership but in fairness to existing members the cost of the community allotment scheme will still be £100 if you join between April and the end of September. From September to March this is reduced to £50.

Can I pay in instalments?

  • No. As a voluntary organisation we need to keep our administration as simple as possible.

Is the community allotment fee likely to go up next year?

  • We rather hope not. In fact if we can recruit more members we aim to reduce both cost and time commitment.

How do I join?

Contact us at